Saturday, December 15, 2012

From the Common to the Chaotic -- My Reflections

Before posting yesterday’s story, I had not watched the news nor checked Facebook (sadly, my other source of crucial news).

Rather, I was a captive audience on the couch to the Mickey Mouse Club on television and to my youngest daughter, home sick with a high fever.

And in that moment, I contemplated the common.

Following my pushing of the ‘publish’ button, for the story I wrote, I heard of the terrible tragedy that descended upon Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

And my thoughts turned from the common to the chaotic.

And I wept. A lot.

I’m not the only one who wept, of course.  Perhaps the more appropriate question would be, who didn’t?”

Heinous evil entered our world and we can not escape it’s wretched reality. It reeks and we recoil, and our raw hearts cry out , “Why? I can’t even imagine ….”

What makes it so hard for me is that I can’t find any answers.  

I have no theological solutions or words of wisdom. My tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth as I yearn for comfort and a cure for our broken world. 

It’s Christmas time, and there are people in Connecticut and around this world who need comfort and a cure.  Jesus came into the dark of the night more than 2000 years ago, at a very terrible time of history, and Herod killed babies – little ones precious to the Father.

That was then, and this is now, and the world still spirals on a course of destruction, but I am clinging to Jesus. And although I don’t have any answers, I am doing the one thing I can do … seeking the Lord, praying for those in Connecticut and across our chaotic world and asking the Lord Jesus to comfort and to come quickly. 

Dear Lord,  I don’t understand why this has happened. My mind is whirling and my heart is breaking.  Please come in to this darkness and bring hope and comfort to the people affected.   Draw them to yourself and help them to find a home – a hope – in you.  Bring them peace and an assurance of Your love, like only You can do. Jesus, you know all things. You faced evil and death and destruction, and you won.  Help these families in their darkness. Help us all. Please come quickly. Amen

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Ima said...

Thankful for Immanuel in the midst of the anguish of our lives and world!

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