Monday, December 24, 2012

Does Your Soul Know Its Worth this Christmas?

It’s long been my favorite Christmas Carol – O Holy Night.

I love the way the notes and the words swirl together and form a picture of the first Christmas.

But this year, one line stands out to me --“‘Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

And I’ve been asking myself, “Does my soul feel its worth?”

Does yours?

I’m afraid that insecurities and inadequacies can sometimes rule the day and my heart forgets.

I get disappointed.

I fear the future.

I weary.

I doubt the Lord’s love for me.

I forget what Christmas and the cross are all about.

BUT the truth is, our souls CAN feel their worth, because Jesus came for me and He came for you.

He came for a broken world where He knew that children would be left, and relationships would struggle, and mothers would mourn and fathers would fear and the past would haunt our hopes and people would struggle with feeling alone, even when they are surrounded by many.

He came for your soul and my soul because it has value to Him. The rest of the world may not see our value, but He does.  Always.

We may feel unnoticed, but He notices us. Always

We may feel alone, but we are not. He is present. Always.

We may fear, but He brings peace to our hearts.  Always.

We may feel abandoned and rejected, but we are not. He will never leave us nor forsake us.   Ever.

We may feel worthless, but we are not. Our souls can FEEL their worth -- KNOW their worth -- and our weary heart can rejoice. Always.

Dear reader, that is my prayer for you and for me, on this O Holy Night.

Merry Christmas!

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