Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At Home

It's almost Christmas Eve (11:30PM) and I am awake much later than I should be. It's been a full day of last minute errands, including a trip to the orthodontist, grocery shopping, picking up a ham, running a child to the doctor, shoveling snow, purchasing some last minute stocking-stuffers and running one of the children to the dollar store to purchase gifts for his siblings.

This year, I decided that it may be special if each child, using their own money, bought each of their siblings a gift at the dollar store, and then attached a "coupon" to the gift, offering the recipient a gift of time. It has been so dear to see what they have picked out at the store, and what they write to each other for their coupon. My five year old daughter is giving my 14 year old the gift of helping him put on his shoes and braces; he has Cerebral Palsy. That makes me smile.

I am snuggled in on the couch with new flannel pajamas that a friend dropped off as a gift, tonite, getting ready to do a Christmas camp-out with the children. They are fast asleep under the Christmas tree. We watched the latest Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, while eating treats and trying to keep the five month old puppy from eating everything in sight.

I don't really know where I am going with this blog tonite, other than that I am thinking alot about what makes a home. A friend reminded me of Michael Card's song "I Will Bring You Home." In the begining of the song, Michael Card sings,

"Though you are homeless
Though you`re alone
I will be your home.

Whatever`s the matter
Whatever`s been done
I will be your home.

I will be your home.
I will be your home.
In this fearful fallen place
I will be your home."

And so, I persevere, in knowing that I am home in the Lord, at all times, whether lonely, or sad, or struggling or grieving. I can still and always will be able to be at rest, in perfect safety and security, in Him.

Home. It is a wonderful place, even when we do not feel "at home" in our circumstances, we can always know that we are "at home" with Him.

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