Monday, December 8, 2008

Rainbow Laced Clouds

Recently, I was driving in my car with my children. My heart was heavy. I was feeling the burden of an uncertain future, and struggling to find hope.

Suddenly, I noticed a most unusual sight in the sky.

Laced along the edges of the scattered white clouds were small rainbows. They looked as if they were crocheted in and along the edge of each cloud, and shined brightly against the blue back drop of the sky.

I removed my sunglasses, confused by what I was seeing. It was the most incredible sight, unlike anything I had ever seen. Without my sunglasses I could not see the petite rainbows. But as soon as I put the sunglasses on, the rainbows appeared.

It was a visual picture of hope for me that day. I needed to know that woven in each of my current clouds was a beautiful tapestry of hope.

I knew that I was going to need my "Son-glasses" to see these rainbows of hope. Without the perseverance of looking at all things through Jesus, I would not see the beauty that God had, just for me.

God placed a rainbow in the sky for Noah, as a sign of a promise to man. These lacy, little rainbows were a reminder of God's promises to me. Promises that I had to remind myself of, like that God would never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6), that I was loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3), and that He had a plan and a purpose for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).


Sarah Prewitt said...

The day before Liz died, I took all my high school girls to the Building 429 concert at Lifest and there was a light rain. The rain stopped during the middle of Building 429 singing the song "My God is Mighty to Save" and a double rainbow appeared during the line 'shine your light and let the whole world see' Liz, being artsy, took a picture of the double rainbow and the screen where it said those words. The next day she died. The picture was found on her camera weeks later. What a testimony Liz's life is! God is shining through - - even in her death! As if that wasn't enough, the Saturday at Lifest this year, a rainbow appeared around the sun right around the same time Liz had fallen into the arms of Jesus the year before. All God's promises are true. I'm amazed by our Father and how He loves us...

Anonymous said...

What a beutiful expression of where our future and life lies. In the hands of our Savior. I am thankful that He gives us these little glipses of His soverign care and reminders that He is ever present in our lives. I hope that I am always present to watch for these signs.

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